PSO6 Organic Bio Fertilizers

Biofertilizers draw an important place in organic agriculture & is one of the major components in sustainable agricultural practices. The use of the biofertilizer in combination with organic input materials offers greater opportunity to increase the crop production with lower cost & to compete with the price for the produce

With the interest of SBEL has launched PSO6 Rhizofix, PSO6 Azotofix, and PSO6 Azofix & PSO6 Phosphobacteria

PSO6 Rhizofix

Rhizofix contains the beneficial Rhizobium, which is a root nodule forming bacteria & has the capacity to fix the atmospheric nitrogen in association with legumes. Normally, rhizobium enters through root hairs or point of the emergence of the lateral roots where it gets multiplied forming nodules. PSO6 Rhizofix fixes nearly 100 kg/ha/season of nitrogen under the most optimum condition. It can increase the crop yield from 15-20%
Specification: 109 CFU / g

PSO6 Azotofix

PSO6 Azotofix contains Azotobacter which is heterotrophic free living nitrogen fixing bacteria, that converts large quantities of nitrogen in air and makes it available to plants. It synthesis biologically active growth substances such as IAA, Gibberellins, B- Vitamins and have the ability to produce antifungal antibiotics and fungistic compounds against pathogens like Fusarium and Alternaria. PSO6 Azotofix is the most widely used biofertilizer for the vegetables. Usage results in increased number of branhes, fruits
Specification: 109 CFU / g

PSO6 Azofix

PSO6 Azofix contains Azospirillum which is an associative symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria. It assimilates atmospheric Nitrogen & fixes in soil and helps to reduce nitrogenous fertilizer application. Crops like sorghum, cotton & sugarcane reported betterment of yield on Azospirillum inoculation. PSO6 Azospirillum secretes growth promoting substances (IAA, Gibberellins) in the plant root region to facilitate quicker and vigorous growth of root and shoot
Specification: 109 CFU / g

PSO6 Phosphobacteria (PSO6 Phosphosol)

Phosphorous is an important nutrient for plants root development. PSO6 Phosphobacteria contains solubilising microorganisms (Phosphobacteria) that mineralizes the unavailable phosphorus by producing organic acids and phytase enzymes and makes them available to crops
Specification: 109 CFU / g

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